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    Solo Andata ‘Slipcasting’ Album Review

    Solo Andata 'Slipcasting' - Released in 2023 on 12k Records

    “Ghosts walking through the afterlife, in a concrete, un-natural world”

    So in 2023 we are blessed with an unexpected release, the latest long length release from Melbourne Ambient electronic veterans Solo Andata. Comprised of Melbourne Experimenters Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco, the duo has been sporadically releasing hypnotic ambient made of indecipherable lush textures. Their latest release ‘Slipcasting’ Is their first release since 2016s In the lens. It follows the duos consistent pursuit to meld the a variety of instrument and field recording based sounds into their own unique sound world.

    Solo Andata Duo Kane Ikin & Paul Fiocco

    With ‘Slipcasting’, the duo traverses new territory  with the sounds taking on a colder,  more industrial vibe. While there are some brighter tracks akin to earlier works (such as the opening track All points on a sphere, it feels like a different atmosphere altogether. It seems to tie into a similar aggression found on Ikin’s recent solo release ‘Modern Pressure’. On the track ‘Arc’ for example you find the bright plucky sounds of previous releases being replaced by a collage of sounds thats scraping, fast paced and woozy all at the same time. The tension on this track is amazing honestly, it has this really stark daunting feel to it. It seems to capture the anxieties of a modern city atmosphere really effectively. I feel like this shift into new territory could have been done in a way that felt too detached from the bands previous catalogue, however their trademark processing of sound and the way they make these songs is still on full display. The thread that connects their discography remains apparent throughout this later release.

    Solo Andata duo

    One thing that needs to be said for the sound worlds that Solo Andata make is that they are unique in regards to the result they achieve from their process. Generally speaking a lot of electroacoustic music and musique concrete aspires to be unruly and inharmonic to present unique listening experiences. Solo Andata on the other hand since the beginning has always seemed to work the opposite way, the recordings while textural and free feeling always feel focused and cohesive in a way that indicates a masterful touch. While trying to find a balance between too musical and not enough enough is hard, Solo Andata nails it on every release, Their skillset is displayed once again on this album and their ability to take their signature sound and explore new darker territory shows how much growth the duo has had between releases as producers of this music. 

    In conclusion the return of Solo Andata has definitely been worth waiting for, this is a project that is a cut above the rest in terms of execution of their ideas and their capacity to deliver on a vivid musical ecosystem. A record that reminds you that if you’re anxiously walking through the machinations of the contemporary world it’s because some part of you realises you’re walking over a burial ground.

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