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      Reviews of albums, EPs, and related artefacts from within the industrial | noise | post-punk | doom | drone | goth | synth | gaze | black metal underground.

      Uchuraccay by peruvian noise artist, Sajjra.

      Sajjra Uchuraccay Review

      Review of Uchuraccay by Peruvian experimental sound and noise artist, Sajjra.
      Nostrom album cover

      NOSTROM -2437333 Review

      A look at the glitchy release from Nostrom, a side project to Worgor.
      Bura Bura The New Flesh album

      ALBUM REVIEW – BURA BURA – The New Flesh

      Review of Bura Bura's Cronenberg inspired synth mess, The New Flesh.
      SPK Information Overload Unit

      SPK – INFORMATION OVERLOAD UNIT – Classic Album Review

      A look back at the seminal SPK album, Information Overload Unit, from 1981.