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    Mildred: Pt. Of Things To Come (EP Review)

    Highs, lows and screamo inspired post-rock on the latest EP by Los Angeles group, Mildred.

    Mildred Pt. of Things to Come EP cover
    Mildred: Pt. Of Things To Come EP cover

    From the start, Mildred apply both upwards and downwards pressure, effectively vacuuming whatever air may have been left to breathe. Dissatisfied with conventional genres, the group traverses various brands of expansive rock, fully exploring the diversity of more fluid genres, while still holding true to a singular vision. 

    The Los Angeles group explores these sounds via the four tracks on Pt. Of Things To Come. An EP which attempts to present as having no formula, while indeed having a formula and abiding by it (because the best free-form noise rock is never entirely free-form). 

    And as implied by the name, this is a portion of [what’s] to come, with the featured tracks to be rerecorded for their upcoming album, Pt. 1

    An immediate sense of tension erupts from opening track, ‘Hung’. Blast beats and screamo vocals introduce the song before an emotionally charged down-tempo mood change quickly comes to dominate its remainder. It brings a heaviness and emotion not unlike the more post-rock angles of Deafheaven’s Sunbather. A rapture of emotion and suffocation is delivered through screamed vocals, then effectively harmonised with the addition of an effeminate vocal passage.

    Whifs of 90s post and math-rock progenitors catch on. Drive Like Jehu and Slint come to mind. Mildred adhere to a similar philosophy of making music of impactful high intensity with a stoic lack of awareness that there was ever any other way to do it. 

    Track 2, ‘Lila’, slows things right down, exercising that downward (rather than upward) push. Its inclusion of sparser moments feeling like a conscious effort to convey the full gamut of sonic abilities up the band’s sleeve. And given the EP’s Bandcamp page is recruiting musicians (a violinist, saxophonist, and guitarist to be precise), it makes good sense to lay the breadth of their sonic abilities out on the table. 

    Third track ‘Drifter’s Rebirth’ blasts its way into frame, quickly reigning itself in with spoken word passages. Echoing the formula for Slint’s ‘Good Morning Captain’, memorable high energy moments contrast the more sombre spoken moments.

    ‘Dancing Queen On Heroin’ rounds out the EP with the kind of mellow sullenness you could expect from a closing track that name drops the flagship opiate, hummed vocals and all.

    Embodying what Lou Barlow describe’s as the “quiet-to-loud” sound, Mildred’s music will appeal to fans of screamo, slowcore, post-rock, and the more riff heavy corners of shoegaze. Listen to Pt. Of Things To Come below and follow Mildred on Instagram to keep up-to-date with the the group. 

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