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    Impossibly distant, impossibly close – Abul Mogard & Rafael Anton Irisarri – Album Review

    Review of the stellar new collaborative release by Drone artists Abul Mogard & Rafael Anton Irisarri.

    “Impossibly Distant, Impossibly Close ” is the latest collaborative release by everyone’s favourites Abul Mogard and Rafael Anton Irisarri. Released in 2024, this album showcases two juggernauts of drone at the absolute height of their craft. 

    The album is split across 2 tracks ( a studio track and collaborative live performance track) running at almost 18 minutes per track which sees both artists step out of their usual format to orchestrate slightly longer form works.

    From the outset, the album exudes a sense of spacious elegance and refinement. It’s evident that this collaboration brings out the best in each artist, highlighting their distinct qualities while seamlessly merging their styles.  Fans of both artists will see how the release Highlights some of the best qualities on both of their works, the obvious parallel between place of forever sounding like a mix of Abul mogards circular forms and rafael Irisarris recent field recording focused works like sacred hatred. 

    The other factor however in the self assuredness in these sounds that the long format/collaborative format seems to open up a opportunity for the two men to experiment with things slightly outside of their usual oeuvre. Generally to fantastic results. 

    Listening to this album you’ll note how engrossing the whole thing is from start to finish. The album seems to have a delicate blend of field recordings and modular oscillations that gradually build into the intense panoramas reminiscent of Irisarri’s signature sound. The sound is simultaneously elegant and engulfing. 

    It’s definitely worth noting that while collaborations can sometimes feel ill-fitting or slapdash, when listening  to the results on “Impossibly Distant, Impossibly Close” it’s clear both men have gone above and beyond on this album. The orchestration of textures on the first track (Place of Forever) is nothing short of breathtaking, showcasing a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of drone music. 

    However The 2nd track (Waking Up Dizzy on a Bastion ) really deserves some serious love as despite being performed live, the track is so flawlessly executed that it’s hard to tell that you aren’t listening to a methodically composed/layered track in the same way as the opening track . When the clapping at the end of the release happened I was generally pretty shocked as I had no idea it was a live performance track, honestly it’s mindblowing how cohesive and well put together the whole album is.

    In conclusion, “Impossibly Distant, Impossibly Close” will go down in the history books as one of the stronger collaborative releases of the modern drone era. Fans of both artists should absolutely grip this one. 

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    Anthony Cooley is a contributor to Discipline Magazine. He has previously written for such publications as Echoes and Dust, Musique Machine, Mutiny in Heaven and others. His writing focuses on the world of drone, noise and ambient music.