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    Geometrien – Herz Aus Glas – Album Review

    The outstanding new release from Herz Aus Glas

    The outstanding new release from Herz Aus Glas

    In March of this year we were provided with possibly honestly one of the standout releases of the year so far in drone world. Released on the juggernaut label Audio Visuals Atmosphere (AVA), Geo Metrien is the latest album by drone maker Herz Aus Glas’s and its a truly outstanding accomplishment of  a record.

    On the opener track Bobek, The album introduces these like, floating, woodwind style textures that feel as though they’ve been unearthed from an antique record and brought into the present through a portal torn in time. Sitting a top just dense dense layers of drone and clouds. 

    This juxtaposition of the ancient and the contemporary sets the tone for a presentation of sounds that is both nostalgic yet modern. Hardly unheard of territory in these sorts of records but frankly as far drone records go its seriously innovative in its execution.

    Beyond that aspect, one of the album’s most intriguing qualities is its ability to seamlessly shift between immersive, deep drones and fractured, hiss-ridden melodies. This dynamic range keeps the listener engaged and constantly surprised. 

    Where Herz Aus Glas can really say they’ve defined their own sound though is in their unique approach to the layers of construction and its emotional range. On Deahna for example, fragments of gentle, stringlike vibrations coalesce with lush waves of dro)))ne (™), creating a tapestry of sound that is as intricate as it is captivating. Each track on the album feels like a reconstruction of familiar sounds into a uniquely crafted sound world, inviting the listener to hear something new with every repeat listen.

    But perhaps the most dope aspect of “Geo Metrien” is its ability to dissolve the boundaries between listener and environment. Rather than presenting a narrative or story, the album serves as a ritual to extract the listener from the hypothetical world and immerse them in the luminous world of the present moment. As you listen, you become aware of the connection between sea, sky, and air, as the album observes you as much as you observe it.

    In conclusion, “Geo Metrien” by Herz Aus Glas is a testament to the skills of Herz’s ability to create truly impressive work and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who takes the time really enjoy this record. Be sure to grab a copy today. 

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