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    Death Industrial Ritualism – Son Of Seth, De Dor a Odio ALBUM REVIEW

    Son Of Seth De Dor a Odio album cover


    Is it possible to reject the natural world? To instead, opt for ritualistic hell and eternal damnation. Danish outfit, Son Of Seth, is certainly trying its best to do so. The latest EP, De Dor a Odio, is doing a fine job at keeping the nordic states icy cold. 

    While extreme music from this region is a formidable force, Denmark lives more in the shadows compared to its neighbours of Finland, Sweden, and of course, Norway. However, from the Danish capital of Copenhagen, Son Of Seth has contributed five tracks which fully embrace the eternal darkness that engulfs day-to-day life in the far north.

    From the first glance of the record cover, a kinship can be found with Swedish death industrial artist, Trepaneringsritualen. The artwork of an infinitely looped star stuffed with a skull, brain, and snake summoning an instant resemblance to T R P’s Deathward, To The Womb.

    Check Trepaneringsritualen featured in Discipline Mag’s 2019 end of year list below.

    This kinship with peers of death industrialism is not merely superficial. The smell of incense is palpable through the movements from minimalism to malevolence, the lo-fi atmospherics, and the death growls/screams which take an eerie centre stage on the record. 

    Track 1, “Tortured Sight”, introduces the record with droning, thunderous synths, before finding their footing as support to the visceral screams that then haunt the track. Track 2, “Festering Chains”, then takes on the occasional death industrial trope of being rather catchy. Screamed but audible lyrics on the topic of long-term captivity emerge from the chants that released them, before moving into a rhythm of heavy electronics and chorus hooks. An obvious choice for featured track for the album.

    The final three tracks carry a similar spirit to the first two, presenting a vocal led approach and droning atmosphere before being met with abrasion. The third title track displays Son Of Seth’s noise ambient sensibilities, which introduces track 4, “Tombs of Reckoning”. The track reaches high, with its tonal shifts scratching an emotional itch.

    Concluding the release with Epitome Of Silence, the track conjures the kind of emptiness that this release alludes toward. Blackened earth, desolate environments, and struggling life. A space where ambience meets impact.

    For fans of Trepaneringsritualen, Brighter Death Now, Kollaps, Pharmakon, and Godflesh.

    See Son Of Seth support of Brighter Death Now and Of The Wand And The Moon live in Copenhagen, Denmark on 15 April.

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