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      Reviews of albums, EPs, and related artefacts from within the industrial | noise | post-punk | doom | drone | goth | synth | gaze | black metal underground.

      Album cover of Human Free Eden, a collaborative album between Kenny Sanderson of Like Weeds and Eric Wood of Bastard Noise.

      “Pushing noise forward” – LIKE WEEDS x BASTARD NOISE Human Free Eden Album Review

      A union with many decades of experience, LIKE WEEDS and BASTARD NOISE come together for this latest split release, Human Free Eden for Orb Tapes.
      Son Of Seth De Dor a Odio album cover

      Death Industrial Ritualism – Son Of Seth, De Dor a Odio ALBUM REVIEW

      Doom laden death industrial ritualism from the dark icy depths of the nordic states.
      COH Meets Abul Mogard Cover artwork

      COH meets Abul Mogard: “COH meets Abul Mogard” Album Review

      Review for the collaborative new release with Drone legends COH and Abul Mogard, Released 2022
      Uchuraccay by peruvian noise artist, Sajjra.

      Sajjra Uchuraccay Review

      Review of Uchuraccay by Peruvian experimental sound and noise artist, Sajjra.
      Bretwalda Cammock Tongue Cassette


      What happens when you put an experimentally-inclined literature teacher in a bustling Eastern megacity? The answer is Bretwalda - Cammock Tongue, a medieval inspired approach to pre-industrial atmospheres.
      Enclave band shot

      Gritty Sydney Post-Punks Enclave Announce New Singles ’12 Steps’ & ‘Doubt’

      A band with a lot to say and no shortage of sounds to carry the message.
      Nostrom album cover

      NOSTROM -2437333 Review

      A look at the glitchy release from Nostrom, a side project to Worgor.
      SPK Information Overload Unit

      SPK – INFORMATION OVERLOAD UNIT – Classic Album Review

      A look back at the seminal SPK album, Information Overload Unit, from 1981.
      Cementation Anxiety New Grasping Machina Split Cover Art

      Cementation Anxiety & New Grasping Machina Split Review

      Exploiting ambient’s lack of fixed structure by taking it to a place of weighty effervescence fused with junk metal doom-bience.
      Tone Generator & The Body Without Organs Normalisation Of Response

      Tone Generator (SPK) – Normalisation Of Response Review

      A review of Normalisation Of Response by Tone Generator (formerly of SPK) & The Body Without Organs.