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      Reviews of albums, EPs, and related artefacts from within the industrial | noise | post-punk | doom | drone | goth | synth | gaze | black metal underground.

      Gerry Hathaway Arkham Sunset

      Portland Darkwave Act Arkham Sunset Announces New Single ‘Blood In Four Colors’

      A deceitfully dark outing on the latest single from Arkham Sunset ahead of upcoming album ‘Failure Analysis’ for release in early 2024.
      Jayden Barber Arabian Night Lights

      Jayden Barber ‘Arabian Night Lights’ Album Review

      Heavy scary ambient that flows like a bad and inescapable nightmare. Not for the faint of heart!
      Cementation Anxiety New Grasping Machina Split Cover Art

      Cementation Anxiety & New Grasping Machina Split Review

      Exploiting ambient’s lack of fixed structure by taking it to a place of weighty effervescence fused with junk metal doom-bience.
      Enclave band shot

      Gritty Sydney Post-Punks Enclave Announce New Singles ’12 Steps’ & ‘Doubt’

      A band with a lot to say and no shortage of sounds to carry the message.
      Orchestral Tape Studies II album art

      zakè ‘Orchestral Tape Studies II’ Album Review.

      Pensive drones and soaring ambience on the stunning new release Orchestral Tape Studies II by zakè.
      Exit Electronics Every Shade of Grey album cover

      Exit Electronics ‘EVERY SHADE OF GREY’ By Justin Broadrick On Deathbed Tapes

      A cacophony of trip-step trash compactor electronics mired in a deep-rooted sense of distrust for the failing institutions of the modern world. A proper hit of despondence from the mind of Justin Broadrick.

      Solo Andata ‘Slipcasting’ Album Review

      A review for the haunting new release 'Slipcasting" by Iconic Melbourne ambient duo Solo Andata.
      Exome When The World Ends I Will Breathe A Sigh Of Relief album cover

      EXOME “When The World Ends I Will Breathe A Sigh Of Relief” 

      An existential statement harsh and chaotic textures and dark ambient drones by Lorenzo Arcari outfit EXOME.
      COH Meets Abul Mogard Cover artwork

      COH meets Abul Mogard: “COH meets Abul Mogard” Album Review

      Review for the collaborative new release with Drone legends COH and Abul Mogard, Released 2022
      Romance & Dean Hurley - River of Dreams - Album Cover

      Romance & Dean Hurley – River of Dreams – Album Review

      "This isn’t living is it?" Romance & Dean Hurley return for their second collaborative release of heartbroken lo-fi electronics.