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    Whalesong Announce Expansive New Album “Leaving a Dream” And Release Videoclip For Lead Track “Struggle”

    Whalesong announce new album "Leaving a Dream" for release on 21 July, 2023.

    Whalesong Leaving a Dream album cover
    Whalesong "Leaving a Dream" album cover

    Polish experimental metal band Whalesong have announced a new album, Leaving a Dream, to be released on 21 July, 2023 on Old Temple / Zoharum Records. To celebrate, Whalesong have released a videoclip to lead track, “Struggle” (see below). 

    The album features guest contributions from esteemed musicians including Attila Csihar of Mayhem and Sunn O))), Steve Blanco of Imperial Triumphant, Wukir Suryadi of Senyawa, Miro Snejdr of recent Death In June collaborations, and more. 

    View Whalesong’s 2021 Helpless EP featured in our Local, Live & Underground list below:

    Whalesong – whose experimental metal sound is known for its leanings toward crunchy guitars, industrial music, no wave, drone, neofolk and beyond – describe Leaving a Dream as a 120 minute journey into feelings of bliss, hope, dreams and bright radiant light. Adding further its tendency toward a marvelous stream of consciousness, a sonic cinema for those who love to get lost in the sound.

    More specifically, band leader Michal Kielbasa says:

    “This time we tried to get as close as possible to the live music atmosphere. Most of the instruments were recorded in just one take, there is also a lot of improvisation here. We expanded our sound by mixing noir jazz, drone, ambient, industrial, gothic americana and noise rock with a tremendous soundtrack-style feeling.Through listening to this record we can all together try to find out what happens to dreams when the dreamer disappears as this is an essential question that we ask on this album.”

    Whalesong is:

    – Michal Kielbasa – vocals, guitars, hammered dulcimer, tubular bells, vibes, mellotron, theremin, gong, synths
    – Grzegorz Zawadzki – drums, percussion
    – Piotr Dziemski – bass, guitars
    – Elise Aranguren – vocals, keys

    Leaving a Dream tracklist:
    1. Enter
    2. Forgive
    3. Believe Us
    4. Leaving a Dream
    5. Here I Am
    6. We Have Never Really Lived
    7. Hope
    8. Bright Behind Your Eyelids
    9. Struggle
    10. Ascend!
    11. Drinking from the Gutters of Descension
    12. We Are Free
    13. A Distant Memory
    14. Endless
    15. From the Ashes
    16. shekissedmewithhervenomouslips
    Pre-order Leaving a Dream from the Whalesong Bandcamp
    Follow Whalesong on Instagram and Facebook
    View the videoclip for “Struggle” below:
    Whalesong band photo 2023
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