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    Viper Arrested for Keeping Woman Captive for Years in Basement

    Houston police took Lee Carter, recognized by his stage name Viper, into custody on Thursday 4 January, charging him with aggravated kidnapping.

    Viper mug shot
    Lee Carter mug shot after being arrested

    Houston rapper Viper, whose real name is Lee Carter, was apprehended by Houston police on Thursday, facing charges of aggravated kidnapping. The arrest stems from disturbing allegations that he held a woman captive in his south Houston residence for an extended period.

    According to court documents dated April 7, 2023, an HPD officer responded to a reported kidnapping in progress at Carter’s Perry Street residence. Upon arrival, the officer engaged in communication with a voice emanating from a window on the far side of the home, near an attached garage. The voice, identified as the complainant, revealed that she had been kidnapped by Carter around “four or five years ago” while panhandling off Almeda Genoa Road in Houston. The woman claimed that Carter, upon encountering her in a vulnerable state, instructed her to enter his car and transported her to his property.

    The subsequent events outlined in the court documents paint a harrowing picture. Allegedly, Carter confined the woman against her will in the attached garage for years, providing drugs—such as crack cocaine and other narcotics—as well as chips. The woman reported enduring repeated sexual assaults and being denied access to a functioning bathroom or shower. Although Carter occasionally allowed her inside the main residence to bathe, she would be returned to the garage. Following one escape attempt, where she managed to break through the garage window and seek help from the police, she was allegedly brought back to Carter after being released from the hospital. Carter purportedly responded by boarding up the garage window’s interior and threatening physical harm if she tried to escape again.

    You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
    You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack album cover

    According to court records dated April 7, 2023, the woman allegedly held captive by Carter gained access to his laptop and utilized a Text Now app to contact 911 dispatch, signaling that she was being forcibly detained. When officers arrived, they found the woman in Carter’s garage, standing at 5’2″ and in an extremely malnourished state, weighing approximately 70 pounds. She reported not having showered for two months. After the Houston Fire Department assisted in prying open the garage, authorities discovered unsettling conditions, including a mattress stained with fresh vomit, bags of chips and Twinkies, a makeshift toilet, and a dripping faucet. The woman’s hair was described as “crusty,” and her clothes were notably filthy. In the vicinity, officers found a stack of shirts and diapers. The woman recounted daily pleas to Carter for her release and revealed that she primarily survived on snacks without receiving a full meal.

    Hailing from Arkansas but raised in Houston, Carter gained recognition as a recording artist, known for his distinctive homemade album covers and provocative project names. His 2008 album “You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack” achieved cult notoriety, with screenshots from the project and other Viper tapes serving as memes on social media.

    Presently, Carter is held in Harris County Jail, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Monday, January 8.

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