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    The Below Release New EP ‘Immutable Decay’ and Music Video with Aaron Sutcliffe on Vocals

    Sweden’s The Below release haunting new 5 track EP ‘Immutable Decay’ on record label Accelerating Blue Fish.

    The Below Immutable Decay album cover
    The Below 'Immutable Decay'

    7 June saw the release of the haunting new EP Immutable Decay by Swedish industrial post-punk outfit The Below featuring Aaron Sutcliffe on vocals. Accompanying the EP is the release of a music video for lead single, ‘90 Seconds to Midnight’, a track and video rooted in environmental existentialism. Immutable Decay marks the first of two releases scheduled releases for 2024.

    Aaron Sutcliffe joins The Below not for the first time, but in his most dedicated capacity yet. Previously, Sutcliffe contributed vocals to the tracks ‘No Place is Safe’ and ‘Artificial Lights (Dystopian Haze)’ which both feature on Immutable Decay.

    Sutcliffe delivers an emphatic performance, spotlighting themes of environmental decay and the horrors of modern warfare. All of which coming from outside the perimeter of Sutcliffe’s mainstay as Yo-Haan of electro-industrial group, S.P.O.C.K.

    Immutable Decay features some of the most impactful music yet from The Below. The signature klang of metal percussion remain present, complementing the harrowing undertones throughout the release. Death march rhythms and dense industrial atmospheres coalesce with themes of environmental destruction and human suffering at the hands of current conflicts.

    Supporting the release is the music video for ’90 Seconds to Midnight’, professionally shot by Anders Larsson at Good Evening Pasadena! Watch Aaron Sutcliffe give a priests sermon below. 

    Speaking to the release, The Below had the following to say:

    The world is in a dire state, and we’re running out of time. Mankind is both killing itself and passively observing, blind to what’s right before our eyes. We witness an increasing number of climate-related disasters, yet there are no substantial efforts to make necessary changes, with little concern for a future that, in part, is already upon us. Populist and authoritarian politicians, who resort to fear-mongering, deflecting blame rather than addressing the real and imminent causes, are gaining popularity worldwide. War and armed conflicts are already underway in several places, and feel inevitable in others. The escalation in Gaza amounts to genocide, and the line ‘No Place is Safe’ tragically rings truer today than ever before. Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine has entered its third year with no end in sight. Each passing day brings more attacks on civilian targets and more suffering.

    Immutable Decay is out on all digital platforms from June 7th.

    Track list
    1. 90 Seconds to Midnight
    2. Artificial Lights (Dystopian Haze)
    3. No Place is Safe
    4. 17 Days
    5. Immutable Decay – Outro


    All instruments, scrap metal, and other found objects: The Below
    Vocals: Aaron Sutcliffe
    Production and programming: The Below
    Music and lyrics: The Below and Aaron Sutcliffe
    Mastering: Andreas Andersson

    About The Below:

    Bo Magnusson, the creative force behind The Below, was part of the industrial outfit Dr. Evil and The Boys From Below, one of the most eccentric bands to emerge from the vibrant Swedish underground scene in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Known for their boundary-pushing performances featuring a mesmerising array of props, including pig’s skulls, man-sized test tubes, levitating washing machines, and a cacophony of scrap metal, the band gained a strong local following. However, after the band disbanded in 1992, Magnusson took a step back from music to focus on other endeavours.

    In 2015, a resurgence of inspiration reignited Magnusson’s creativity. Revisiting forgotten instruments and repurposing salvaged objects, he embarked on a sonic odyssey under the moniker of The Below.

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    Aaron Sutcliffe and Bo Magnusson of The Below
    Aaron Sutcliffe and Bo Magnusson of The Below
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