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    Swedish Industrial Act The Below Release Psychosocial New Single ‘Heebie-Jeebies Süssigkeit’

    Bo Magnusson and Jesper Hanning of The Below

    Bo Magnusson and Jesper Hanning team up for new single and video clip from Magnusson’s latest project, The Below. The track, titled ‘Heebie-Jeebies Süssigkeit’, takes a psychosocial approach to the human condition, as explored through the lyrics and video.

    ‘Heebie-Jeebies Süssigkeit’ comes off the back of two singles released in 2022; ‘Knives and Heights’ and ‘Grind Me Down’. It builds upon the sounds of last year’s singles, with a darker industrial thud and thematically claustrophobic overtone.

    Lyrically, the track explores our public personas, or façades, and contrasts this with our underlying feelings that we routinely withhold. It gives life to the suppressed versions of ourselves that lay hidden in the day-to-day, but yearn to be expressed forthright.

    Jesper Hanning still from the video clip of Heebie-Jeebies Süssigkeit

    The video clip, featuring medium shots of Jesper Hanning’s vocal delivery, portray a man who gradually rids himself of his sanitised public self. Hanning peels back the layers bit-by-bit as he moves closer to his disturbed inner-self. The suffocating, claustrophobic feeling that pervades the track is further explored with with a clown trapped in the crawl space below a house; likely a metaphoric reference for the perpetual pain associated with the mundane routine of daily interaction.

    Hanning had the following to say about his performance:

    In the video, I deliberately peel back the layers of my civilised facade to reveal something raw, less refined, and perhaps more unsettling.

    Sonically, the track is a dark and pummelling industrial affair. An uneasiness runs through the veins of this music, with Magnusson’s jackhammer percussion only enhancing the track’s mechanical inclinations. Magnusson realises his vision with a mix of scrap metal and other found objects that foment a harsh sense of uneasiness.

    Bo Magnusson is a sound engineer and storied musician with a history that dates back to his previous moniker, Dr. Evil & The Boys From Below. After disbanding in 1992, Magnusson took a long-winded break from experimental soundscapes. In 2015, with a revitalised energy for experimental music, Magnusson formed The Below as a vehicle for his latest musical offerings. Jesper Hanning is known for his work with cult Swedish bands The Chainsaw Zombies and Ausgang Verboten, and has collaborated with The Below on two other singles “Knives and Heights” and “Grind Me Down”.

    Take a trip through suburbia with the expertly produced video clip for ‘Heebie-Jeebies Süssigkeit’ below.

    And keep up to date with The Below on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

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