Home News Masonna and Prurient Announce New Split Album “Annihilationism”

    Masonna and Prurient Announce New Split Album “Annihilationism”

    Prurient and Masonna split album Annihilationist re;eased on Hospital Productions


    Masonna and Prurient have released a new split release, marking the first time the two have collaborated. The album is titled “Annihilationism” and features 7 and 6 new tracks from each respective artist.

    The album comes at a time when Prurient’s Dominic Fernow has been filling some gaps of unrealised collaborations, in particular with Japanese noise makers. In 2021, Fernow released Black Crows Cyborg, a collaborative record released with none other than pivotal Japanoise artist, Merzbow (and featured on Discipline Mag’s Best Albums of 2021).

    For Fernow, Masonna has been a longtime influence on his Prurient project. See below Fernow wearing a Masonna shirt of the Inner Mind Mystique album. 

    Dominic Fernow aka Prurient wearing a Masonna shirt of the Inner Mind Mystique album
    Dominic Fernow wearing a Masonna shirt

    Masonna, led by Maso Yamazaki, has been pretty quiet over the last decade, with most of his efforts being put into the more recent death industrial project, Controlled Death. The last new music from Masonna was a split with Controlled Death, effectively, a split with himself. 

    On Prurient and Masonna’s first collaboration, the record has been described as the following:

    years in the making split full length of brand new material of ‘harshtronics and exclamation’ from japan’s masonna and ‘doom electronics’ by america’s prurient.

    Arranged in alternating sequence with one track from each artist until burning annihilation.

    Annihilationism can be pre-ordered from the Hospital Productions website, or from Bandcamp


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