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    Lustmord is Selling the Biggest Pair of Home Speakers You’ve Ever Seen

    “Note that it takes two people to move one of these.”

    Lustmord Brian Williams and his speakers

    If you’re a sucker for excessive volume, then you’re in luck. Dark ambient musician Brian Williams of Lustmord is selling his absurdly large home speakers. 

    The gear in question is a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV A speakers, described by Williams as “serious audiophile speakers, used in mastering suites”.

    In the Facebook and Instagram posts, there features an image of two speakers that tower over a room. Given they barely fit within the image frame, it’s fair to say that simply taking a photo of these auditory behemoths was a feat in and of itself.  

    They are described as being 72 inches high. As the average height of an adult male around 69 inches, they stand even taller than most mere mortals.

    The speakers are too big for Instagram framing

    On the Instagram post, Williams gave the following warning: 

    Note that it takes two people to move one of these.

    Williams hasn’t posted a price, but an internet search finds that the going rate for a set of new Dunlavy SC-IV A speakers sits around the $8,000 USD mark. On Ebay, a second hand pair of the speakers is going for $4,800 USD.

    If these towers of audio masochism have served their purpose, I can only imagine what the upgrade is going to look like. 

    The speakers are available for pick up in the LA area. Contact Williams via Instagram DM or via the Lustmord Website.

    The specifications of the speakers are as follows:

    Frequency response: 25Hz-20kHz
    Sensitivity: 92dB
    Bi-wire and bi-amp capable.
    72″ H x 12″ W x 18″ D. 
    Weight: 190 lbs (each)
    In good condition.

    Discipline Mag has reached out to Brian Williams for comment.

    Lustmord speakers
    Lustmord's speakers

    Brian Williams is a Welsh dark ambient musician best known for his work in the solo outfit, Lustmord. Active from 1980-present, Lustmord was initially involved in the original industrial movement alongside the likes of Throbbing Gristle. Lustmord joined SPK in 1982 and performed on the groundbreaking album Leichenschrei. Lustmord has collaborated with many artists including, Chris & Cosey, Coil, Monte Cazazza, Melvins and more. Brian Williams has released numerous albums as Lustmord, and has resided in the Los Angeles area since 1993.

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