Home News GODFLESH Announce New Album “PURGE” for Release in June

    GODFLESH Announce New Album “PURGE” for Release in June

    GODFLESH: "PURGE" new album announced to be released on 9 June, 2023.

    G.C. Green and Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh
    G.C. Green and Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh

    Legendary industrial, metal, post-punk (et al) band, Godflesh, have announced they will be releasing a new album titled “Purge” in June, 2023.

    The latest album will be the third since their hiatus between 2002-2010. The first album from their second era was “A World Lit Only By Fire”, an album underscored by its dense riffs and commitment to heaviness. What followed was “Post-Self”, an album which lived up to its “post” nature, and that drew more heavily on the more traditional elements of industrial and post-punk. Both albums were well-regarded, with “Post-Self” being a Discipline Mag favourite from the 2010s.

    For their upcoming 2023 album, if you were left with an inkling of albums passed, you’d be right on the money. “Purge” picks up where 1992 album “Pure” left off, embracing the filth and grooves of its predecessor. According to the album description:

    ‘PURGE’ musically, amongst the many layers of dirt, revisits and updates the concepts explored on the ‘PURE’ album from 1992; 90’s hip hop grooves mangled and put through the GODFLESH filter to create something that is still unique and futuristic in style.

    The announcement was made via Twitter on Thursday 2 March, which is notable for Justin K. Broadrock’s being locked out of his Facebook page, his usual transmit for music related communications.

    The album will be available on silver vinyl LP, and is currently available for pre-order on Plastic Head’s website.

    Godflesh, consisting of Justin K. Broadrick and G.C. Green, has been a major force in the industrial metal scene since their formation in 1988. They have released numerous influential albums over the years, including their groundbreaking debut “Streetcleaner” and the experimental “Hymns.”

    The band has also earned a reputation for their intense live performances, and fans will be eager to get the chance to hear the new material performed live. 

    A digital only single of the album’s first song ‘NERO’, alongside 3 self remixes, will be released April 3rd.

    Overall, “PURGE” promises to be a powerful and unforgettable addition to Godflesh’s discography. Fans can look forward to an intense sonic journey, as the band explores new territories while remaining true to their roots. Get ready to experience the cleansing power of “PURGE” when it releases in June.

    Godflesh Purge album cover
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