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    Electric Wizard Book Announcement – Come My Fanatics: The Story of Electric Wizard – Due for Release In June

    Discover the Untold Story of Electric Wizard in Their Upcoming Book, 'Come My Fanatics: The Story Of Electric Wizard' - Coming This June!

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    The history of doom metal is one that is steeped in darkness, mystery, and the occult. The genre’s pioneers often turned to the supernatural for inspiration, creating a sound that was as heavy and crushing as it was otherworldly. And few bands embody this ethos better than Electric Wizard, the Dorset-based outfit that has been at the forefront of doom metal since their inception in 1993.

    Now, fans of the band will soon have the chance to delve deep into their history and legacy with the upcoming book, “Come My Fanatics: The Story of Electric Wizard.” Due for release in June, the book promises to be an exhaustive exploration of the band’s occult history, their creative process, and their impact on the world of heavy music.

    The book’s announcement has already sent a ripple through the doom community, with fans eagerly anticipating its release, and more background on what has traditionally been a revered, yet reclusive band.

    Electric Wizard has been one of the most influential bands in the doom metal scene, inspiring countless other musicians with their crushing riffs, hypnotic rhythms, and occult imagery.

    But what is it about Electric Wizard that has made them so revered in the world of heavy music? Part of it is undoubtedly their sound, which manages to be simultaneously brutal and beautiful, a sonic assault that is as transcendent as it is terrifying. But there’s also the band’s deep connection to their home of Dorset, a place steeped in folklore, legend, and the supernatural.

    It’s this connection to their roots that has made Electric Wizard such a compelling band, and one that continues to inspire new generations of musicians. And now, with the release of “Come My Fanatics,” fans will have the chance to delve even deeper into the band’s history and legacy.

    To give fans a taste of what’s to come, an extract from the book has been released on The Quietus. In it, we learn about the origins of the band’s name, which was inspired by a combination of the occult writings of Aleister Crowley, Black Sabbath, and the classic horror film “The Wizard of Gore.” We also get a glimpse into the band’s creative process, with guitarist and vocalist Jus Oborn discussing the importance of improvisation and spontaneity in their music.

    It’s clear from this extract that “Come My Fanatics” will be an essential read for any fan of Electric Wizard or doom metal in general. With its in-depth exploration of the band’s occult history, its focus on their roots in Dorset, and its insights into their creative process, the book promises to be a fascinating and illuminating journey into the heart of one of the most important bands in heavy music. So mark your calendars for June, and get ready to come my fanatics – the story of Electric Wizard awaits.

    Come My Fanatics- The Story of Electric Wizard by Dan Franklin
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