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    Hailing from Spain is Sentencia Records, a record label focusing on left-of-field sounds from Europe and further afield. With a tidy number of releases under their belt, the repertoire of music continues to grow, which can be viewed from the label’s Bandcamp page. 

    Even a quick glance at Bandcamp is revealing of the Sentencia ethos. The artwork alone being a definitive statement of psych-enducing experimentalism, as well as a surviving visual statement of sonic intent from the label and its practitioners. 

    Keeping true to the mission of releasing quality sounds from the outer-depths of sanity, Sentencia Records has three new releases on offer; Eolian Dawn by Imbernon & Mikel Vega; Vita Brevis by Doce Fuegos; and Gu Vo by Gu Vo

    These are records that weave their ways through corresponding sounds while navigating a mission of psychological disruption. Different sounds with similar intents, as explored below. 

    Imbernon & Mikel Vega: Eolian Dawn

    This collaborative affair features a meeting of the minds between Jon Imbernon and Mikel Vega, both of whom with a solid back-catalogue of releases in various fields. Some may know Jon Imbernon as the guitarist from the Finnish doom band Gangrened. The more meditative end of his work with Gangrened being what’s rubbed off most on this record. Then there’s Mike Vega from the Basque Country whose credentials include work in Killerkume, Orbain Unit, Conteiner and Loan Show, to name a few. 
    The result of their pairing is Eolian Dawn, a work that blends guitar chords of feedback with a sense of free-form improv madness. The tracks jump from idea to idea with little you could call linearity. Most tracks move through a range of feedback, doom riffs, and electronic feedback with numerous cavities of silence and quietness between notes. Special mention to the grandiose closer, “Social Media Hacked Your Mind But That’s A Difficult Thing For You To Comprehend”, a 90 second rampage of freaked-out guitar punishment.
    With nods to dark ambient, drone, and free-form experimental music more generally, this is recommended for fans of Iancu Dumitrescu, William Basinski, Derek Bailey and Bohren And Der Club of Gore.

    Doce Fuegos: Vita Brevis

    Coming from the mind of Miguel Palou is Doce Fuegos. Paolou is another doom musician turned rogue experimentalist to be found in this most recent batch of releases from Sentencia Records. His mainstay band, Pylar, creating a heady mix of atmosphere and blackened doom sounds. 
    The spirit of this rubs off on Doce Fuegos, but not necessarily in an instrumental sense. Doce Fuegos consists exclusively of violins, mandolins and percussions. These instruments paint a picture which life, death and love, as expressed through its timbre and delicate tones. These elements being met with some more wayward outbursts and chilling violin with an occasional background of humming drone. 
    Recommended if you like Dead Can Dance, Current 93, Warren Ellis, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Comus.

    GU VO: GU VO

    Hailing from Seville is GO VU, a space-driven three piece who take some intergalactic journeys through synths and motorik beats. The band features Edu Escobar (drums), Raúl Burrueco (bass) and Alejandro Ruiz (synthesizers and vocals).
    By a long-shot, GO VU are the closest thing here to a conventional band, but their rhythmic space rock floats off to some fairly unconventional locales. 
    Dubbed “neokraut”, this three piece takes the sonic artefacts left by the likes of Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream, Neu!, Spacemen 3, and Föllakzoid, and cherry picks from this pool of progenitors to ferment into a kraut-based space rock endeavour. 
    A rotating carnival of psychedelia that floats upwards into the ether through winding synth passages, and navigates some solid ground work through its disorientating rhythmic jams. 
    To listen to, buy, or engage with these records, follow the Bandcamp links above. 
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