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    Listen to the Cool Weighty Sounds of Cementation Anxiety on ‘Labyrinthine’ from Upcoming Album AGNOSIAREIGN

    NYC ambient eminence Cementation Anxiety has released lead single ‘Labyrinthine’ from upcoming album AGNOSIAREIGN out on Black Artifact May 31st, 2024.

    ‘Labyrinthine’ cover by Cementation Anxiety
    'Labyrinthine' Cover Artwork by Deborah Sheedy

    It is possible to feel alone and accompanied at the same time. Like a constant presence that lingers to the point it becomes unrecognisable. Support and stability turn to terror under the magnitude of a sudden feeling of loneliness and false security. This dichotomy being an essential feature of the ambient works by New York City ambient eminence, Cementation Anxiety.

    Ambient music has come a long way since the beauty and expansiveness of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports and varying other landmark releases. Such gifts of formlessness have since invited expansionist action, moving the needle far away from the centre of safety as form, function and intent foster limitless transmutation. The beauty being that ambient music can chameleon itself into a multitude of sonic directions; hyper-mellowness, sustained and brutal intensity, highs, lows and basically anything in-between (generally best to keep drums out of it, though).

    Looking to the work of Kyle Nelson and his Cementation Anxiety, this is music that wholeheartedly enjoys the capacity to change shape depending on its immediate requirements. Cool, lush textures, death industrialism and total fear and dread all rear their heads at different stages of this work. The result of which gives Cementation Anxiety layers of dynamism and depth that is all too essential for its native musical spheres.

    Kyle Nelson of Cementation Anxiety close up
    Kyle Nelson - Photo by Dawn Howard

    And with the announcement of a new album titled AGNOSIAREIGN, we’ve been treated to lead single, ‘Labyrinthine’, ahead of its release.

    The tone of ‘Labyrinthine’ leans into the more classically ambient work of Cementation Anxiety. The sounds are wafty with layers of higher pitched sounds moving within a bed of washy ambience. Rises, falls and crashes are harboured within the slow and heady framework of the track. Sometimes wandering off, and sometimes crashing back into focus with dramatic impact.

    Featured alongside ‘Labyrinthine’ is a second (quiet) verson to really get under your skin.

     The new album AGNOSIAREIGN will be released on Black Artifact on 31 May, 2024.

    Purchase the ‘Labyrinthine’ single on CD. Limited edition of only 20.

    See Cementation Anxiety perform live at the album release party on Thursday 30 May at Main Drag Music, Brooklyn, NY. 

    Keep up to date with Cementation Anxiety on Instagram.

    Cementation Anxiety Album Release Show Flyer
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