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    DAYDREAM Festival – Modest Mouse, Tropical Fuckstorm + more live at Sidney Myer Music Bowl – April 22nd 2023

    A review of the inaugaral 2023 Daydream festival at Sidney Myer Music Bowl

    The flyer for Daydream festival 2023
    Daydream festival 2023

    In April 2023 Discipline Mag was lucky enough to witness the first ever Daydream Festival at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. A day full of sun, good music, drinks and great times. Below is a review of all the bands that we caught (apologies to Majak Door for missing their set!)

    Cloud nothings brand of Wavves style indie surf punk was a good kick off to start the day. Early on they had the slowly forming crowd moving and dancing. Playing a blend of older and newer tracks aswell as some crowd favourites, a good dancey start to the Daydream Festival. 

    Beach Fossils

    Beach fossils  were up next bringing a different vibe. Bringing more a fun jangly new wave vibe, the audience loving it all the same though, the smooth vocals and dancey synths and guitar solos really seem to be hitting people the right way at the moment, overall I hadn’t heard them before but by the end of the set I can say I had a bit of fun watching them.

    Tropical Fuckstorm

    Up next was Melbourne favourites Tropical Fuck Storm. It’s fun watching people engage with this music after the last 2 bands, as I don’t think their particular brand of weirdo pop is quite hitting in the same way as the previous bands did, however the people who are clearly strident fans of the band are loving the hell out of it. The off kilter energy they all bring to the stage really is something to watch though, Gareth Liddiard and co.’s interplay with each other musically and the spooky carnival music vibe they bring to their sound almost feels like I’m watching the last Talking Heads show.

    Modest Mouse

    Capping it off the evening we now have the headliners for the night, everyone’s favourite indie band Modest Mouse. All the crowd favourites are on display here and honestly people are losing their minds over it. They open with ‘The world at Large’ to a very positive response. The dual drummer lineup is an interesting sight to see, as since Modest Mouse has always had a fairly complex percussion sound they seem to make it work live using the two people, with all the synth/strings/horn arrangements being performed by a very overworked keyboardist. The execution on his behalf is great, honestly he doesn’t miss a sound at all. 

    The set wraps up with the bigger hits such as ‘Float on’ and ‘Dashboard’ and everyones having a good old time. The response to this set has been really huge.

    Overall it was a fun day at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl full of fun tunes, a good sunny way to wrap up the warm weather just before we hit peak cold Melbourne winter. Unfortunately Slowdive had to drop out* which is a shame but it hasn’t seemed to bother anyone too visibly at the concert. Otherwise all the bands put on a great show and made for an enjoyable day for everyone. 

    We’re thankful to announce that Slowdive and Destroy All Lines has announced rescheduled tour dates for July 2023! Dates and the website to purchase tickets are listed below. 

    Slowdive Australian Tour Tickets 2023

    Slowdive 2023 tour
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