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      Interviews with artists and persons of interest from within the industrial | noise | post-punk | doom | drone | goth | synth | gaze | black metal underground.

      From Black Metal to Blackwave – An Interview with Striborg

      From deep within the Tasmanian wilderness, Striborg is the black metal-cum-blackwave project of solo artist Russell Menzies.
      Religious Observance bandshot

      Religious Observance Interview

      Interview with Campbell of Melbourne's Religious Observance.
      Babar Sheikh of Pakistan doom metal death metal band DUSK playing guitar live with a red backdrop.

      DEATH AND THE CITY: A conversation about extreme music in Pakistan

      Pakistan's original extreme metal musician, Babar Sheikh, speaks to Discipline Mag about making music in one of Asia's most dangerous cities.
      Kollaps in 2021

      An Interview With Kollaps

      An interview with Wade Black of Kollaps in which we discuss the upcoming third album, new band members, the shortcomings of his former home, and the band's Eurocentric future.
      Eric Wood of Bastard Noise on electronics.

      BASTARD NOISE Interview

      From West Coast Power Violence of Man Is The Bastard to the static drenching of Bastard Noise, Eric Wood’s career is as uncompromising as it is animated. Learn more from the man himself.
      Minimal Impact Label

      Cassettes In The Age Of Digital – A Chat With Tape Label Minimal Impact

      Interview with Minimal Impact Label from Brisbane about releasing cassettes in the digital age.
      Military Position Interview Cover Photo

      Military Position Interview

      An Interview with Harriet K. Morgan, the uncompromising force behind Military Position.
      Photo of Pterygium performing live at The Burrow in Fitzroy Melbourne.

      Navigating Power Electronics With Pterygium

      A conversation with Henry (Hank) Gillet about finding Pterygium's place within the power electronics spectrum.
      Reece Prain of Diploid and Muddy Lawrence

      A Chat With Reece Prain Of Diploid And Muddy Lawrence

      A chat with guitarist, vocalist, and noise maker Reece Prain of Diploid and Muddy Lawrence.
      Giant Swan promo shot

      Giant Swan Interview

      An interview with the punk/noise/techno lads from Bristol, Giant Swan. Conducted ahead of their 2018 performance at Unsound Adelaide.