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      Interviews with artists and persons of interest from within the industrial | noise | post-punk | doom | drone | goth | synth | gaze | black metal underground.

      Casey Latimer of Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing and Horror in Clay who are from New Zealand

      Exploring The Esoteric With Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing And Horror In Clay

      Grisly tunes and hyper-sexualised art. An interview with Casey Latimer of industrial/no-wave/dream pop bands GIRLS PISSING ON GIRLS PISSING and HORROR IN CLAY.

      From Black Metal to Blackwave – An Interview with Striborg

      From deep within the Tasmanian wilderness, Striborg is the black metal-cum-blackwave project of solo artist Russell Menzies.
      Deathbed Tapes Interview


      An interview with Alex of 'extreme experimental' label Deathbed Tapes. Noise, power electronics and lots of cassettes.
      Aidan Baker of Nadja performing live in Moscow


      A conversation about drone, European tours, Ukraine fundraisers, and impenetrable Bandcamp discographies with Nadja's Aidan Baker.
      Military Position Interview Cover Photo

      Military Position Interview

      An Interview with Harriet K. Morgan, the uncompromising force behind Military Position.
      Edward Quist Embryoroom with a bloody eye

      Edward Quist Embryoroom Interview

      Interview with NYC filmmaker, sound designer + artist Edward Quist (embryoroom) about upcoming exhibitions, working with Pan Sonic, and being attacked on the Subway.
      The classic goth & post-punk band the Sisters of Mercy

      The Sisters of Mercy Australian Tour Interview

      The Sisters of Mercy are touring Australia! Check out our conversation with the band ahead of their performances where we discuss metal festivals, sunburns, Doktor Avalanche, Australia and plenty more.
      Kollaps Interview feature image

      Kollaps Interview: LIFE LOVE DRUGS AND NOISE

      A candid conversation with Wade Black of Kollaps. European festivals, love, drugs, and sonic punishment.
      Drone Ambient powerhouse and runner of the legendary 'Past Inside The Present' Zakè

      THE POWER OF SOLITUDE: An Interview With Zakè

      Drone Ambient powerhouse and runner of the legendary 'Past Inside The Present' Zakè sat with Discipline Magazine to discuss all things Zakè, his process and the power of ambient music.
      Kollaps in 2021

      An Interview With Kollaps

      An interview with Wade Black of Kollaps in which we discuss the upcoming third album, new band members, the shortcomings of his former home, and the band's Eurocentric future.