Monday, September 26, 2022
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      Featured lists, artist profiles and more from the industrial | noise | post-punk | doom | drone | goth | synth | gaze | black metal underground.

      LOCAL LIVE & UNDERGROUND 2022 FIRST QUARTER doom drone industrial noise striborg bastard noise brighter death now nadja kleistwahr

      THE LOCAL LIVE & UNDERGROUND LIST (New Music 2022 Quarterly Review)

      The Local Live & Underground list features new music from from the fields of industrial, post-punk, noise, doom and more. Check out the list to explore underground offerings from the first quarter of 2022.
      The road to leave Kyiv Ukraine is backed up as people flee due to the Russian invasion

      How You Can Support Ukraine During The Russian Invasion

      How can we support Ukraine during the Russian invasion? By supporting these Ukrainian artists.
      Image for 21 albums of 2021 a discipline mag end of year list

      21 Albums Of 2021 – End Of Year List

      Greetings and welcome to Discipline Mag’s beloved annual tradition, the 21 Albums Of 2021 end of year list. Our celebration of the year via...
      16 artists local live and underground

      Local Live & Underground List 2021 (Half Year Review)

      16 underground albums and reviews of experimental, goth, metal, and post-punk music.
      Local live and underground album list 2020

      Local Live And Underground 2020

      An end of year list featuring local, live and underground releases that may have evaded detection. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!
      20 albums of 2020

      20 Albums Of 2020

      A look at the top 20 noise, black metal, industrial, doom, and experimental releases of 2020.
      Jogja Noise Bombing Fest 2020 performance


      A documentary by Discipline Mag. Sonic terror on the streets of YogYakarta!
      Swans Live Albums Rank List

      Swans Live Albums – The Ultimate List

      A deep dive into the shadow discography of live albums by Swans.
      29 albums of 2019 end of year review album list

      29 ALBUMS OF 2019 | Discipline Mag End Of Year Review

      A breakdown of the most significant heavy, experimental, and noise albums released in 2019. Learn more here on Discipline Mag.