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The Most Unnerving Pieces of Experimental Music

I am hoping I'm not too late to put out a past due Halloween article....
Wormrot playing with Biquette the grindcore goat watching

Remembering Biquette The Grindcore Goat

You’ve seen the memes, but do you know the story of Biquette the grindcore goat?

Remembering COSEY FANNI TUTTI’s Forgotten 1983 Masterpiece ‘Time To Tell’

Criminally Overlooked! A Look Into ex-Throbbing Gristle Member Cosey Fanni Tutti's Forgotten Ambient Release 'Time To Tell'.
The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski album cover

Remembering ‘The Disintegration Loops’ on September 11

Revisiting ‘The Disintegration Loops’ by William Basinski and its inexplicable link to the events of 9/11.
UFO Force It Album Cover

Remembering When 3/4 Of Throbbing Gristle Convened On The UFO ‘Force It’ Album Cover

In 1975 Genesis P. Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti modelled half nude for the album artwork of UFO 'Force It'
Monte Cazazza

Remembering Monte Cazazza – A Retrospective

A retrospective of the life, work and inspiration of Monte Cazazza, the formative industrial artist who was taken too soon.



An interview with Alex of 'extreme experimental' label Deathbed Tapes. Noise, power electronics and lots of cassettes.


Album cover of INCIN​É​RATEUR

Earthflesh + Man In The Shadow ‘INCIN​É​RATEUR’

A vivid, intergalactic landscape composed of audial extremity and cinematic experimentalism.
Gerry Hathaway Arkham Sunset

Portland Darkwave Act Arkham Sunset Announces New Single ‘Blood In Four Colors’

A deceitfully dark outing on the latest single from Arkham Sunset ahead of upcoming album ‘Failure Analysis’ for release in early 2024.
Jayden Barber Arabian Night Lights

Jayden Barber ‘Arabian Night Lights’ Album Review

Heavy scary ambient that flows like a bad and inescapable nightmare. Not for the faint of heart!
Cementation Anxiety New Grasping Machina Split Cover Art

Cementation Anxiety & New Grasping Machina Split Review

Exploiting ambient’s lack of fixed structure by taking it to a place of weighty effervescence fused with junk metal doom-bience.
Enclave band shot

Gritty Sydney Post-Punks Enclave Announce New Singles ’12 Steps’ & ‘Doubt’

A band with a lot to say and no shortage of sounds to carry the message.
Orchestral Tape Studies II album art

zakè ‘Orchestral Tape Studies II’ Album Review.

Pensive drones and soaring ambience on the stunning new release Orchestral Tape Studies II by zakè.


BLACK DRONE MASS – Drone Arrives to the Norla Dome 28/10

On the 28th of October, All Hallows Eve, four artists from the world of blackened drone and noise will terrify the brick walls of the monolothic Norla Dome.

‘Dreamy Distorted Bliss’ – Slowdive Live at The Forum 22 July 2023

Slowdive Live at The Forum Melbourne 22 July, 2023. Show review and live photos.

DAYDREAM Festival – Modest Mouse, Tropical Fuckstorm + more live at Sidney Myer Music Bowl – April 22nd 2023

Daydream festival 2023 - Featuring Modest Mouse, Tropical Fuck Storm + more


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